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Car of the Day for July 4th, 2013: Tomy AFX Mega G Peugeot 908 #7

Tomy AFX Mega G Peugeot 908 #7.

These represent about as close to a scaled replica Tomy has ever achieved. Superb detailing. Obviously the new tooling behind these Mega G cars has turned out far superior products than what we've been dished up over the years. Let's see if this direction continues with future releases.


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auroba1's picture

I have a funny feeling Tomy AFX or as it should be called Racemasters AFX will bring these cars out in as many different colours as they can to reduce tooling cost. The new mega g range is fine but the cost of the cars is very high compared to the older Turbo and Super G. the excuse given for this was the cost of the sponsorship rights but the new Porsche 962 (old body slightly different inner tooling) that has been done in two different colours has no sponsors decals on it and they cost the same.

I am also disapointed that these cars are not readily available in the UK as I am a local club CHORC racer and unless I buy one off Ebay at a cost of around $40 inc p&p I can't get one even Racemasters will not sell to the UK unless you do a bulk buy but he will not give any discount. I asked him to sell me 34 cars about a year ago this would have cost me $1675 as he was not doing discount to the UK buyers plus on top of that I would have to pay shipping and toy tax when it arrived in the UK needles to say I didn't buy them !!

moparmat3k's picture

Do u have a friend who is american on an air base near you? If so you can have the cars shipped to them if they are willing to do so, and get around at least the tax part. Shipping to a military base may be less than direct to you as well. Just a thought. I had a friend i did this with over in essex who had a dodge daytona shelby he was rebuilding it worked out well.